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Get expert consultancy and support with AeroStream, a project management firm that helps you "Gain Altitude in Operational Efficiency".

Airline Operations

Project Management Consultancy from the ground-up, addressing every related challenge, readily and skillfully.

Risk Management

Assessing every possible risk, and take control over them.

Market Research

Knowing the market before taking any step, reduces risks before you go.

Quality Services

Experience unparalleled service, from start-up to take-off.

Awesome Team

Before talking destination, we shine a spotlight across your organization to fully understand what’s required to get you there.

Excellent Support

If you face any challenge, let our dedicated support team help you. They are ready to assist where needed.

Faster Performance

We develop a systematic well-managed process of analysis, from concept through implementation.

Project Management

Operational Consulting

As one of the world's forward-thinking firm, AeroStream helps a diverse range of clients with a diverse range of needs. This is especially true of our Consultancy Practice, which provides corporate guidance and operational services, for airline start-up and operations.

Airline Operations

AeroStream serves clients across Canada and around the world as they navigate an increasingly complex aviation landscape. Our aviation professionals draw on deep experience and industry-specific knowledge to deliver clients the insights and innovation they need.

Balanced Lifestyle

Helping your ground staff and flight crew improve and maintain customer satisfaction by adopting healthy and balanced lifestyle practices. Providing your employees with the knowledge they need to make healthier choices, enabling them to maintain optimal at-work performance, and achieving both personal and corporate goals.


To help you understand what your project looks like, we incorporate digital concepts to explore current trends and priorities in the airline industry.

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We Are Professional

We resource, train, mentor and encourage; marketplace leaders, business owners and career professionals to be effective in the workplace.

We Are Creative

With so many factors to consider when deciding how to distinguish your company, wouldn't it be great to have a group of forward-thinking, well-informed individuals on board who know what they're doing?

Great Support

Design clever and compelling business strategies, improve service/product positioning, and drive innovation. AeroStream is available to guide you.

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